Do you hire out XRF’s?
Yes, we hire out a range of different spectral instruments depending on your project and the elements you are trying to detect. Our rental fleet consists of: Bruker S1 TITAN 800, Bruker TRACER 5g, Olympus Vanta and Niton XL3t 950 GOLDD+. Portable Spectral Services also has the Bruker ALPHA II FTIR, Bruker BRAVO Raman and ASD Terraspec 4 (SWIR) instruments available for hire and provides in-house services for the M4 TORNADO.

How long can I hire a pXRF for?
Our rates start from 1 day and you can hire for as long as you need. The rates are calculated starting at 1 day with a decreasing daily rate for longer hires.

Can I send my samples in for analysis?
If you do not wish to hire and perform sample analysis in-house, your samples can be delivered to our office in West Perth where the analysis will be performed by one of our qualified staff.

What analysis methods do you offer?
Portable Spectral Services offers services on a wide range of analysis techniques. These include portable XRF, micro XRF, Short Wave Infrared (SWIR), Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) and Raman spectroscopy.

Where do you offer your services?
Portable Spectral Services are the official Bruker Distributor for Australia. We are based in Perth WA, however we offer our products and services across Australia, New Zealand and Canada. We also offer training for radiation safety and the use of portable XRF’s, this can be delivered in person and online.

What instruments do you sell?
Portable Spectral Services sell a range of Bruker instruments including Handheld XRF Analysers (S1 TITAN, CTX, TRACER 5), Micro-XRF analysers (M1 Mistral, M4 TORNADO, M4 TORNADO PLUS, M6 JETSTREAM, ELIO and CRONO), TXRF Analysers (S2 PICOFOX and S4 T-STAR).

What sectors do you serve?
Although the most popular sector we serve is Mining and Exploration, spectral technology can be used in many different industries including Environmental, Oil & Gas, Foreign Body Investigation, Agriculture, Positive Material Identification, Precious Metals, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Archaeology and Arts and Conservation.

Our sister company, Healthy Homes and Gardens, serves the domestic sector in soil analysis and detecting lead paint in houses built prior to the 1970’s.
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Do I need a license to use a pXRF?
In Australia, a license is required to use a portable XRF. At Portable Spectral Services we offer a 2-hour fundamental course that is suitable for those wishing to obtain a user licence in all Australian states and territories and New Zealand. 

How often do I need to service my pXRF?
Just like your car, a pXRF instrument needs to be regularly serviced to ensure it is in its best working condition. It is recommended for anyone in possession of a portable XRF to have a condition report completed annually.

Portable Spectral Services offer basic and major repairs for all Bruker portable XRF instruments, this includes but is not limited to;
• LCD screen replacement and calibration
• Keypad replacement
• Internal board replacement
• Software and hardware updates
• Calibration updates
• And much more…

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