Our highly-experienced team of specialists are equipped to provide you with the most cost-effective solution for your mineral systems, including geochemistry or mineralogy. They possess a broad skill set ensuring flexible and successful solutions.

What we are skilled in:

  • Research and teaching
  • Exploration and mining
  • Metal analysis and scrap sorting
  • Positive material identification
  • Environmental and soil screening
  • Art and architectural science


With a wealth of knowledge of exploration and minerals, we offer a unique perspective for both geochemical and mineralogical analysis.

Skilled in technology, radiation safety and legislation, analytics, management and data capturing and analysis, our specialists will advise and implement the best operating practices to improve and enhance data capture and interpretation for a variety of mineral systems.

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Consulting services provided

  • Quality assurance and control of your spectral database
  • Exploration models and vectors towards mineralisation for many ore deposit styles
  • Mineral mapping
  • Extraction of key spectral features
  • Filtering dataset for primary features (e.g. removing weathering overprint)
  • Expertise in detecting primary alteration signatures in soils
  • Linking major and trace element geochemistry with spectral results
  • Value adding results presented in Leapfrog and MapInfo

NIR Advanced Spectral Interpretation

Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy using the TerraSpec 4 ASD is a widely used exploration tool to provide a simple and rapid means of identifying mineral zonation for a number of mineral deposits at the regional and prospect scale.

The Al-OH absorption feature shifts to higher wavelengths towards Au mineralisation at the Tropicana gold deposit (Modified from Doyle, 2007).

Many minerals are stable over limited temperature and pH ranges, and their distribution and variable spectral features (e.g. composition, crystallinity) allow for reconstruction of the thermal, geochemical environment to develop exploration models to vector towards mineralisation.

Orientation Studies

Orientation studies are a crucial part of maximising value from your instrument. We can carry out an orientation study to determine which instrument, mode and settings best suit your needs. Alternatively, if you already have an instrument, we can help you optimise its use for your project.

For pXRF studies we can help you determine how various elements are likely to perform for your situation and identify any potential elemental interferences you may come across. While, for NIR-SWIR studies we can evaluate samples, determine if they are ‘fit for purpose’ and provide guidance on the best procedure to maximise the data.

Following on from the orientation study, Portable XRF Services can develop workflow procedures specific to your project and the instruments you intend to use.

For geological applications, if you have yet to determine pathfinder elements and indicators of alteration, we can review any of your existing data and provide information on a suitable procedure to maximise your data output in the future.


Portable XRF Services can help provide QAQC to your project by developing and implementing protocols that ensures the collection of valuable data in an efficient and cost-effective manner. These initiatives will improve the reliability and quality of the results and can be applied to ongoing and future projects.

Additionally, Portable Spectral Services can monitor and validate your data remotely, providing prompt feedback on the acquired data.


Portable Spectral Services can work with you to develop an appropriate workflow plan for your project that is simple and easy to follow. These initiatives can help improve the efficiency of the data acquisition process and improve the quality of the results.

Workflows include; instrument settings and measurement times, when and what quality control samples to analyse, data acquisition procedure, data validation and quality control measures.

Our staff are available to visit your site, educate your team, help implement the workflows and provide ongoing remote support to personnel.

Geochemical Interpretation

Portable Spectral Services provide a range of geological interpretation services including:

  • Exploration models and vectors towards mineralisation for many ore deposit styles
  • Expertise in detecting alteration signatures
  • Linking major and trace element geochemistry
  • Combined geochemical (pXRF) and spectral (NIR-SWIR) data interpretation
  • Value adding results presented a range of industry software including; ioGAS, Leapfrog and MapInfo

Data Processing and Interpretation

Portable Spectral Services offers a range of interpretations services for processing spectral and chemical data as well as consulting services for advanced studies. These services include:

Identifying patterns and insights relevant to the key aims and uses requested by the client

Combining data from multiple analytical techniques to produce highly detailed and informative dataset

Clarifying the key findings from the data and providing recommendations for future action

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