CounterTop XRF

Bruker CTX

The Bruker CounterTop XRF (CTX) is an ideal design for extended measurements making it a great fit for those wanting to screen large volumes of soil samples, drill pulps and grade control samples quickly and efficiently. Additionally, this can be a huge cost saving as it offers instant results, cutting out the standard waiting time for laboratory testing. The portability of the unit at less than 7 kilograms, being battery operated and with a small footprint of 14 centimetres means that analysis can happen anywhere you require. It can be secured in its pelican case or placed inside an optional protective backpack for travel.

The dual safety interlocking system makes this portable XRF the most suitable for those with strict open beam portable XRF regulations. The safety system is ideal for users wanting to analyse for longer periods day in day out. As the lid must be closed for analysis, samples are ideally prepared in a cup or bag.

Furthermore, the Bruker CTX offers a large array of calibrations. These calibrations are designed to enhance results for the targeted material and elements, for example MARPOL. If you have a more niche or challenging application, Portable Spectral Services offers custom calibrations.

Main Features

  • Dual safety interlocking system for additional safety
  • Latest graphene window Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology
  • 29-50 kV X-ray tube dependent on model
  • Detector shield – guaranteed detector protection
  • SharpBeam™ technology
  • Markings on stage for better positioning of your sample
  • Use with battery power or mains.
  • Lightweight design (7.1 kg with battery)

TITAN Detector Shield

Protecting your detector even during analysis, the TITAN detector shield™ is a unique feature of the S1 TITAN range. Greatly minimising the risk associated analysis on sharp objects (such as wire or scrap metal) the TITAN detector shield™ offers the ultimate defence against costly detector punctures. When a detector is punctured it can be a costly repair that can range anywhere from ~$7,000 – ~$10,000 (not including the potential down time resulting from a puncture). Further to this, the TITAN detector shield™ does not sacrifice speed or analytical performance.

Learn more about the TITAN detector shield here.

Portable XRF and Oils

Fluids such as oils can be readily analysed by the Bruker CTX to detect wear elements, additives and meet regulatory requirements. From January 1, 2020 fuel oil used by ships in Australian waters must contain a maximum of 0.5 per cent m/m sulphur. Almost all commercial lubricants contain chemical additives. As part of a preventative maintenance program, analysing oil periodically will reduce the risk of catastrophic failure. The rugged stainless steel design of the CTX ensures that it is dust and splash proof making it fit for purpose for analysing liquid samples.

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