The S2 PICOFOX utilizes total reflection X-Ray Fluorescence (TXRF) in a compact, transportable unit that offers the best solution for ultra-trace element analysis where detection limits fall into the ppb and ppm range. Easy to use functionality, the S2 PICOFOX is able to perform quantification, and semi-quantification multi-element microanalysis. Perfect for both laboratory and in-field requirements this instrument analyses a diverse range of sample types including (but not limited to) extremely low quantities of liquids and powders, suspensions, solids and contaminations. The use of monochromatic radiation and total reflection optics greatly reduces background noise ensuring detection limits are low. The short distance from the detector to sample in the S2 PICOFOX also enables an enhanced fluorescence yield.

Main Features

  • Sub-ppb limits of detection in the nanogram or microgram range
  • Simultaneous multi-element trace analysis
  • No gases, no cooling media
  • Quantification is processed using an internal standard
  • All elements measured simultaneously in one run
  • Reduced background, detection limits are several orders of magnitude lower

Other Features

  • Low sample amounts of liquids and powders can be quantified
  • Compact instrument
  • Being completely transportable take the PICOFOX anywhere including on-site or laboratory
  • Up to three times better detection limits
  • Maximum power consumption is 180 watt

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