Portable Spectral Services offer a unique sample analysis service. Within our laboratory we provide a niche sample analysis service for application of pXRF, pNIR (VNIR/SWIR), FTIR, Raman and µXRF technologies. Our experienced technicians specialise in best practice approach to ensure quality data acquisition is maintained. We provide you with either raw data or completed data analysis and we also offer interpretation and consulting services. We offer a customisable solution depending upon the nature of your samples, your experiment, resources and requirements. We are passionate about R&D and proof of concept studies, therefore if you think there may be an technology application for you business, we are always ready to meet the challenge with you.

It is important that if you require this service that you talk to our team. We require a sound understanding of how best we can support you and you testing requirement. Information such as the end use of the data, number and type of samples any knowledge available on the materials to be tested will assist us in meeting your expectations.

We encourage our clients to ensure their sample submissions are:

  • Clearly labelled
  • Well packaged
  • In a sequential order
  • In a form that allows for optimal analysis (e.g. dry, pulverised)

Please ensure written instructions and freight information are supplied via email to [email protected] or accompany the samples on delivery.*

Prior to, or at the time of receipt, a sample submission form is required as part of our sample chain of custody procedure.

Adhering to our sample submission procedure will allow efficient processing and commencement of analysis.

Download our Sample Submission Form here:

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