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Unlocking the potential of automation in mineralogy workflows at Portable Spectral Services.

The AM4 Automated Analysis Suite deployed at Portable Spectral Services’ (PSS) site in Western Australia transforms what was a once repetitive, slow and needlessly laborious manual handling process into a 21st century solution capable of analysing mineralogy samples 24 hours a day, putting the West Perth laboratory in a perfect position for increasing demand for geological sample analysis in Australia.

PSS welcomes requests from mining and mineral exploration companies who wish to visit the laboratory to see the AM4 Automation Suite in action and run test samples or international interests who would like a live video demonstration. Interested parties can click the link shown on this page and our team will make contact to schedule a demonstration.

An International Automation Project Group at the ready.

The AM4 system is adaptable to a myriad of diverse processing pipeline needs and includes safety protocols as well as surge protection to secure production capacity. Work is already underway to capitalise on the technologies developed with a mobile iteration of the AM4 Suite… as well as a rail system for the current installation to further increase the system’s capacity.

Stakeholders from industries wishing to investigate the increased yield that a turn-key automation system can bring to element, mineralogy, materials handling or other spectral analysis pipelines should contact our Automation Project Team using the contact form below. 


Portable Spectral Services is pioneering the development of spectral technology, at the forefront of both field and laboratory analysis. The latest offering, GEMA (General Element Material Automation), showcases team commitment to innovation and excellence, with a range of features representing a significant leap forward in mineral analysis which makes it a potential mining industry game-changer. Learn about GEMA.

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