Bruker S4 T-STAR

High performance total reflection X-Ray Fluorescence (TXRF) spectrometer Bruker S4 T-STAR is great for ultra-trace element analysis. This TXRF reaches sub-ppb range. Access the lowest detection limits at a rapid in a cost-effective way and carry out versatile direct analysis. High sample capacity combined with an automatic QC procedure that allows for stability and sensitivity checks, makes bulk analysis simple! Further to this thanks Easyload™ sample station the dedicated trays for different sample types are automatically recognised when inserted. Sample types are diverse including powders, nanoparticles or films, making it applicable to industries such as biomedical research, pharmaceutical research and food fraud prevention.

Main Features

  • 1 pg limit of detection
  • 20 min process time for on the spot results
  • 90 sample capacity
  • Rapid & cost efficient
  • Automatic QC procedure
  • High sample capacity
  • Low detection limits in the sub ppb range

Other Features

  • Low operation costs
  • No gases or media
  • Optimized for 24/7 operation
  • Easyload™ sample station

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