Bruker TRACER 5g

An exceptional portable XRF, the TRACER 5g offers customisable control on all aspects of operation including scan settings, filters, spot size and atmosphere analysis conditions. It also can detect elements as light as fluorine. The versatility of the TRACER 5g makes it the best portable XRF option for those in research.

Main Features

  • 50kV target X-ray source
  • Latest and large graphene window detector technology
  • Selectable measurement spot size between 3mm – 8mm
  • Internal sample camera
  • SharpBeam™ technology
  • Artax software for advanced spectral interpretation
  • Wi-Fi and USB connectivity
  • EasyCal software package for empirical user calibration
  • Lightweight (1.9 kg with battery)
  • TRACER 5g Helium Purge & Other Benefits
  • Silicon Drift Detector with 1 micron graphene window for the ultimate light elements performance
  • Increase elemental range from Na to U (air and vacuum)
  • F to U (helium purge)
  • Live spectra directly on the TRACER 5g and PC viewing software
  • Remote control by the PC/Laptop


The TRACER 5g offers many accessories available to purchase along with your instrument or at a later date.

The most popular accessories include:

  • Desktop Stand Kit
  • Benchtop Stand Kit
  • Prolene Windows
  • Sample Preparation Cups
  • Tripod kit
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Helium Assembly

Experience advanced control & performance

  • Full control over current and voltage
  • Automated filter wheel selection
  • Manual filter slot (including user created)
  • Select 3 & 8 mm spot size or manual collimators
  • Choose Vacuum, Helium or Air atmosphere
  • EasyAccess™ rail for custom accessories


Streamline live integration of Artax™ advanced spectral analytical software. Artax™ allows for qualitative and Bayesian deconvolution in addition to semi-quantitative analysis.  It also allows for the comparison of other spectra, making it perfect for verification and identification against past analysis.

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