Bruker S1 TITAN

Elemental analysis in a portable design, the S1 TITAN provides fast, accurate results. The robust design has an ergonomic pistol grip and trigger making the S1 TITAN ideal for all-day use in the field. Portable XRF analysis can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Its quick analysis time and real-time results make it a cost-effective analytical tool for those wanting elemental data on their samples. Designed as a “point and shoot” analyser, sample preparation is minimal. The S1 TITAN has an intuitive interface making it very user-friendly. There are multiple fields for sample identification.

The Bruker S1 TITAN offers a large array of calibrations. These calibrations are designed to enhance results for the targeted material and elements, for example lead in paint. If you have a more niche or challenging application, Portable Spectral Services offers custom calibrations.

Main Features

  • Latest graphene window Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology
  • 29-50 kV X-ray tube dependent on model
  • TITAN detector shield – guaranteed detector protection
  • SharpBeam™ technology
  • Wi-Fi and USB connectivity
  • Lightweight (1.5kg)
  • quantitative data at a high spatial resolution (µm scale)
  • Complete control of tube parameters, filters, optical microscopes, sample illumination and sample positioning
  • Results presented as element distribution (line scan, mapping), quantification results, statistical evaluation
  • Use an Aperture Management System (AMS) for high depth of field and low energy dependent spot size variation

TITAN Detector Shield

Protecting your detector even during analysis, the TITAN detector shield™ is a unique feature of the S1 TITAN range. Greatly minimising the risk associated with analysis on sharp objects (such as wire or scrap metal) the TITAN detector shield™ offers the ultimate defence against costly detector punctures. When a detector is punctured it can be a costly repair that can range anywhere from ~$7,000 – ~$10,000 (not including the potential down time resulting from a puncture). Further to this, the TITAN detector shield™ does not sacrifice speed or analytical performance.

Learn more about the TITAN detector shield here.

Ready for all Industries

As a non-destructive technique, the S1 TITAN can be applied to a wide variety of industries and applications. In mining and exploration, it is perfect for screening large volumes of soil samples, drill pulps and grade control samples for a wide range of trace and ore grade elements quickly and efficiently. Metal focused industries such as metal scrap sorting, manufacturing, and those dealing with precious metals can enjoy the calibrations on offer that generate results for positive metal identification, precious metal identification and alloy identification. This provides a quick and effective way to sort, identify and process various types of metals. Other industries with applications suitable for portable XRF include foreign body investigation, academics, arts, archaeology and conservation, environmental, oil and gas, agriculture, restricted materials and domestic settings. If you would like more information on your specific application or industry, chat with one of our specialists.

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