The Team

Managing Director

Christabel established Portable Spectral Services back in 2011 with the aim of furthering the use of handheld XRF within the mining industry. From small beginnings, Chris has grown the company from a simple portable XRF hire company to one that encompasses all kinds of spectral technology and service offerings.

Chris works in many capacities within the company. In addition to her role as managing director, she has had extensive training from the Bruker application scientists to create matrix matched custom calibrations that guarantee clients are achieving the best results from their Bruker portable XRF’s. As a top-notch scientist and problem solver, Chris can often be seen teaching and supporting staff members with technical applications and trouble shooting.

The large variety of applications that go with the spectral technology is what keeps the job interesting, with each day being different. She says, “one day it is a lithium calibration the next it is seaweed.” She loves working with people from such a variety of industries that utilise this technology.

Chris has worked in laboratories for the last twenty-five years, including managing the assay laboratory in the gold refinery in Kalgoorlie.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Medical Science and a Master of Science in Infectious Diseases.

Consulting Geochemist

Nigel has been working as a geochemist within the mining industry for 25 years. Nigel offers PSS extensive international experience in diversified environments, strong global expertise in geochemistry and informed independent technical advice.

With the ability to manage all aspects of exploration geochemistry, and extensive experience in QAQC in exploration and mining, Nigel has the ability to advise, mediate and negotiate.

Nigel Specialises in;

Exploration GeoChemistry

Portable XRF Applications

Lithogeochemistry Vectoring

Geometalurgical Processing

Ferrous and non-ferrous mineral exploration

Sampling and Quality control

He is a highly trained and motivated  geochemist working initially with WMC Resources (11 years), Anglo American (5 years) before branching out over 15 years ago seeking more prospects within the mining industry, founding  Geochemical Services in 2005.

He works regularly with PSS as a Consulting Geochemist, and alongside his work at Geochemical Services.

Nigel holds a PhD from the University of Western Australia.

John L. Gravel M.Sc.A., P.Geo
Director / Chief Technical Officer - Canada

John L. Gravel, M.Sc.A, P.Geo is a professional geoscientist and business management consultant currently mentoring companies on business structure and ownership.

Before retiring from Bureau Veritas, he was the Technical VP for the minerals business unit where he oversaw technology and geochemistry related activities, research and development. Prior to the purchase by Bureau Veritas, he served as Quality Manager, President, CEO and then Chairman of Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd over an 18-year period.

Before AcmeLabs, he worked as an exploration and research geochemist for government and industry specializing in the evaluation, statistical analysis and interpretation of datasets spanning the scale from deposit size studies to regional geochemical programs covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometres.

He received his Master’s degree in Mineral Exploration (MINEX) from McGill University in 1985 and his Bachelor of Science degree (Geology) in 1979. 

Contact information: +1 604 992 2648

Mark Gravel
BD Director - Eastern & Maritimes - Canada

Mark Gravel, is our Business Development Director for Portable Spectral Services covering Eastern Canada.
In his role, Mark applies his natural inquisitiveness to first understand client needs and processes and the potential intersection where PSS resources can help them reach their goals.  He is highly skilled in building the partnerships that match robust and reliable XRF-based solutions to industry applications that become catalysts for new efficiencies and discoveries.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Mark’s expertise is in working with clients to define needs and bring solutions that lead to next stage growth in their operations. Mark’s background is in marketing and sales. For over 35 years, he has worked with some of Canada’s top corporations and government bodies in executing communication strategies to advance knowledge and awareness. 

A proven trainer, Mark’s past experience includes educating media sales executives from across North America on the benefits of building cooperative partnerships to produce win-win solutions.  As owner of Lectus Média, Mark keeps an enthusiastic presence in the media and communications industry as Canadian consultant for U.K.-based The Economist Group and Toronto’s Strategic Content Labs.


Contact information: +1 514 513 5240

Business Manager

Acacia is a valued, long-standing team member who joined Portable Spectral Services in 2017. Initially beginning in the role of Administration and Accounts, Acacia’s role at PSS has continued to expand, and after a few stepping stones, she was promoted to Business Manager in 2021.

In her role as Business Manager, Acacia oversees all activities within the office. This means she is engaged daily with every department and ensures staff are completing their tasks to a high-quality standard.

As she holds valuable experience that spans over a decade, Acacia continues to oversee accounts payable/receivable, rentals, marketing and administration and management for small business and is our go-to for Bruker handheld pXRF sales.

As Business Manager, Acacia is a senior staff member, a passionate team leader, and guides the continued growth and future opportunities of PSS.

Spectral Analyst / Manager

Sophie works as spectral analyst and manager. In her managerial duties she coordinates client-based projects for portable spectral technologies with relevant PSS teams. As part of the spectral team, Sophie assists in providing technical support for a wide range of portable spectroscopic instruments and collaborates on large client projects.

As a Spectral Analyst, alongside Managing Director, Christabel to develop custom calibrations and explore the application of spectral technologies to a range of industries.

She has experience in the resource industry and the benefits of combined analytical methods. Most notably in 2018, alongside Consulting Geochemist Dr Nigel Brand, she led a deposit scale evaluation of portable XRF, FTIR, Raman and SWIR spectral technologies. This was significant as it was conducted on the Pioneer Resources deposit Sinclair Caesium Mine, which remains the only commercial caesium mine in Australia and one of only three in the world.

Joining Portable Spectral Services in 2018 as a graduate chemist, Sophie holds an Honours degree in Chemistry from the University of Western Australia.

Senior Spectral Geoscientist

Jack joined the Spectral team in 2021 as a Spectral Geologist. In this role he works with the spectral team to help provide comprehensive elemental and mineralogical maps using micro-XRF’s (M4 TORNADO and M4 TORNADO PLUS).

Jack graduated from Curtin University at the end of 2017 having completed an undergraduate degree in Applied Geology and Geophysics. Following this he pursued a career as a Geologist, which initially led him into underground gold mining. Here he gained experience mapping and interpreting mafic and ultramafic amphibolite’s amongst some lesser volcaniclastics. Prior to working at PSS Jack was in a diverse geological role using various analytical techniques including XRD, petrology and laser surface interferometry.

Graduate Spectral Geologist

Andrew is part of the Spectral Team at Portable Spectral Services, joining the team in early 2020. In his role as Spectral Technician, Andrew works hands-on with the micro-XRF’s (M4 TORNADO and M4 TORNADO PLUS). Andrew collaborates with other Spectral Team members and is responsible for overseeing the instruments daily scanning schedule, preparing and carrying out analysis.

Working pragmatically, he employs his organisational skills daily, guaranteeing client projects are scanned within established project timeframes. In addition to this Andrew carries out weekly calibrations to verify the micro-XRF’s are functioning to maximum capacity. He also works on Portable Spectral Services Research and Development projects related to the micro-XRF.

Andrew graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Geology from Curtin University in 2021.

Zeb Hall
Senior Instrument Technician

Zeb joined the Portable Spectral Services team at the beginning of 2022 as the Senior Instrument Technician for the Service Department.

In his role, he collaborates with Instrument Technician, Natalie to manage and maintain PSS’ hire fleet, in addition to delivering client related instrument services.

Zeb began his career as a repair technician in the consumer electronics industry before moving into the mineral exploration sector, managing the pXRF rental fleet at an exploration consultancy, and gaining valuable experience working with a wide range of spectroscopic instruments.

Zeb uses his vast experience with analytical instrumentation and electronics diagnostics to repair both PSS’ fleet and client instruments, as well as to assist clients to troubleshoot technical issues. He greatly enjoys breathing new life into broken technology.

Natalie Pawlow
Instrument Technician

Natalie joined PSS in 2021, coming on board as Instrument Technician. Natalie approaches this role with dynamic enthusiasm. Working alongside Instrument Supervisor, Zeb, the service department engages daily with problem solving, time management, collaboration and maintaining the delivery of high-quality services.

Natalie is well equipped for the demands of this role. Previously she has worked for SGS as an Assistant Geotechnician, analysing soils. She has also completed work experience at ALS in the XRF department. Natalie has previous instrumentation experience, which she applies as a foundational knowledge base in her role at PSS. 

Natalie also brings administration, customer service, hospitality, horticulture and industrial manufacturing experience.

Natalie has a diploma in Laboratory Technology from North Metropolitan TAFE.

Marketing & Media Officer

As Marketing and Media Officer, Emma promotes and continues to grow the company through a variety of marketing methods. Collaborating with Marketing and Media Officer Jess, Emma designs, creates, captures, innovates and produces high quality marketing material for Portable Spectral Services.

Emma has been with the company since 2017 and has held both administration and technical roles. As a result of these skills, Emma often assists other staff members on projects.

Emma holds a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Communication and Media Studies and the History of Art from the University of Western Australia (UWA). She completed her Honour’s year in the History of Art at UWA in 2021.

Marketing & Media Officer

Jess combines and collaborates her vast media and video skills with the Marketing and Media Officer, Emma, to promote, educate and grow Portable Spectral Services and its associated channels.

Jess brings with her exceptional videography skills that enable her to capture, edit and upload valuable content relating to spectral technology to Portable Spectral Services YouTube Channel Professor Spectrum.

Jess manages the SEO and Google AdWords to ensure customers can find us online. This also enables to her to contribute to the maintenance of Portable Spectral Services websites;  portaspecs.commicroxrf.com.au and georaman.com.

As Marketing and Media Officer, Jess is versed in all areas of marketing including content creation, production of studio quality photography and videography, constant engagement on PSS social media, as well as contributing to industry conferences.

The Portable Spectral Services newsletter is also created by Jess every month. If you would like to see the newsletter for yourself, you can sign up here.

Jess holds a Diploma in Marketing and Communications and a Diploma in Screen and Media (Mass Communications) from North Metropolitan TAFE.

Accounts Administrator

Emily works in the role of Accounts Administrator managing the rental fleet, accounts receivable and everything in between. Emily joined Portable Spectral Services (PSS) in 2020, originally as an Admin Assistant at front of house. The knowledge of this role, combined with her experience of Accounts Administrator, Emily is a powerhouse in the PSS team. Her can-do attitude and bubbly personality ensure her continued contribution to PSS every day.

In addition to her work at PSS, Emily assists Amy with PSS’ sister company Healthy Homes & Gardens, which focuses on the domestic sector.


Ella Tomuli-Ah-Kuoi
Senior Sample Technician

Portable Spectral Services welcomed Ella to the team in 2021. As the all-rounder assistant she contributes to all departments, with most of her time spent with the service and spectral teams. Ella’s role enables her to work with all staff members, and this is reflected in her continued productive and adaptive attitude and great attention to detail.

In her role, Ella regularly conducts sample analysis using portable XRF, and NIR/SWIR for internal and client use and is versed in data handling. She also cares for much of the client sample administration regarding micro-XRF analysis, where she labels, stores and prepares samples for bulk and general analysis on the micro-XRF.

Administration Assistant

Amy joined Portable Spectral Services (PSS) in May, filling the position of Admin Assistant at front of house. Amy’s role ensures our staff are ready to provide the best service they can to our clients by supporting daily office activities. Her friendly personality and can-do attitude, makes her a great fit for this role.

In addition to her work at PSS, Amy co-runs PSS’ sister company Healthy Homes & Gardens.

This company focuses on the domestic sector. In her role, Amy coordinates with clients, participates in the delivery of services and continues to promote all aspects of HHAG online.

Amy holds a Cert III in Hospitality and a Cert IV in Community Services/Mental Health.

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