pXRF Compliance Certificate


Approved compliance certificate for a specific state in Australia

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As X-rays are emitted from the portable XRF, regular compliance testing is required to ensure that your instrument is being used safely and responsibly. This requirement varies from state to state and territories within Australia. Portable Spectral Services is registered to conduct Compliance Monitoring of portable XRF instruments. We check the radiation profile of the instruments and ascertain through a series of tests whether the interlocks are operating according to the manufacturer’s design and specification. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in hefty fines from the radiation authority in that state. Portable Spectral Services are compliance accredited for NT, QLD and TAS. 

Why do this?

This certificate means that when the instrument is operating correctly there is no stray radiation coming out of it that could potentially cause you harm. It also means that all the safety measures contained within the instrument’s hardware and software are in good working order thereby ensuring safe shutdown in case of malfunction. In undertaking a compliance certificate for your portable XRF it gives the users knowledge that the instrument is functioning as normal and is therefore safe to use.  

Who needs this?

A compliance certificate is a necessary step for those who own their own portable XRF. A compliance certificate by PSS is suitable for all XRF models regardless of brand. 

It is a statutory requirement that compliance certificates are issued for Northern Territory (NT), Queensland (QLD) and Tasmania (TAS). Portable Spectral Services are compliance accredited for NT, QLD and TAS. All other states (except for SA and ACT) do not require compliance certificates. 

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