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As the experts and innovators in spectral technology, Portable Spectral Services (PSS) is a unique provider and distinctive voice for spectral technology.

Portable Spectral Services maintains a hire fleet that ranges in instrument type, model, and brand, to suit every client’s needs including portable XRF, NIR/SWIR, FTIR and Raman. We are one of the only organisations that offers the pre-requisite training course for obtaining a user licence that will allow you to use a portable XRF within Australia. This user licence is aligned to the Australian states and territories regulators standards for the provision of radiation safety and theory in the use of portable XRF. Training in spectral technology instrumentation is offered in person at our Perth office or via video call with an expert PSS staff member. Training is offered on all instruments including micro-XRF, Portable XRF, SWIR/NIR, Raman and FTIR.

As the official Bruker Distributor for Australia, we offer the sale of Bruker portable XRF, TXRF and micro-XRf models. Buying a spectral instrument from Portable Spectral Services is more than just a transaction. When you engage with PSS Sales, you will be provided support, knowledge and all your questions answered every step of the way. We also offer free training in the instrument purchased and ongoing support well after you have received your brand-new Bruker unit. Whether you are hiring or purchasing we can help you decide what spectral instrumentation best suits your project needs.

PSS offer in-house sampling services using various technologies. Our knowledgeable staff are able to carry out instrument diagnostic, repair and maintenance services, custom calibrations.

At Portable Spectral Services, we provide quality service to industry specific needs. By imparting expert knowledge and reaching farther with innovative applications. Through our consulting services staff enable clients to push scientific boundaries and surpass project goals.

Our company is founded on a strong commitment to research and development in order to consistently meet dynamic industry demands. Having a comprehensive array of services allow us to work across a large range of industries, with a focus on client needs and project goals. Read more about our research and development here.

Portable Spectral Services (formerly Portable XRF Services) was established in Perth, Western Australia in 2011. The company began with the mission to provide an independent voice to the ever-increasing portable XRF market. We have since grown substantially to become a unique provider for all kinds of spectral technology, training & licensing. We pride ourselves on delivering a standalone voice for a wide range of services, sectors and products. Read more about our history here.

PSS have grown over the past decade, located in Perth, Australia, and multiple locations in Canada.

We serve a wide range of sectors including mining and exploration, positive metal identification (PMI), forensics, art and conservation, restricted materials, precious metals and more! See Sectors We Serve Here.

PSS sister company, Healthy Homes and Gardens (HHAG), specifically caters to the domestic sector. HHAG utilises portable XRF technology to assist the community in identifying, minimising, and educating on potentially hazardous contaminants within their home, such as lead in paint. See more about HHAG Here.

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