Our History

Portable Spectral Services (formerly Portable XRF Services) was established in Perth, Western Australia in 2010. The company began with the mission to provide an independent voice to the ever-increasing portable XRF market. We have since grown substantially to become a unique provider for all kinds of spectral technology, training & licensing. We pride ourselves on delivering a standalone voice for a wide range of services, sectors and products. PSS have grown over the past decade, located in Perth, Australia, and multiple locations in Canada.

Portable Spectral Services is currently celebrating 10 years in the business. As a way of acknowledging and reflecting on how far the company has come, we are released a 10-year series. This series was sent to our newsletter subscribers, with each month looking at a different era of the company. Starting at PSS inception, we worked our way to present day just in time for our July birthday! Read more about our 10 year history here.

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Portable Spectral Services’ Schedule of Hire, Support Services & Fees is now available!

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