pXRF Condition Report


pXRF Condition Report

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A condition report is designed to provide the user with information on the current state of a portable XRF instruments stability, accuracy, precision, software status and physical condition. This is conducted on the request of a client looking for an independent insight into the performance of their portable XRF.

Why do this?

Similarly to a car, your instrument needs to be regularly serviced to ensure it is in its best working condition. It is recommended that anyone in possession of a portable XRF have a condition report carried out annually. This is regardless of whether the instrument has been used every day or sitting idle for the year.

Who needs this?

This maintenance service is a great option for those who own their own portable XRF. A condition report is a great way to gain independent insight into the performance of your portable XRF annually. 

What is included?

A Condition Report Includes:

  • Instrument software checks and updates
  • Battery check and re-calibration if necessary
  • Instrument stability and drift test
  • Accuracy and precision of six elements over a range of concentrations and modes
  • Radiation profile test of instrument to ensure compliance with state regulations
  • Check of the instrument accessories with recommendations