Heavy Mineral Concentrates for mineral exploration

micro XRF scan of heavy mineral concetrates

Download our HMC Brochure Australia is the home to the world’s largest heavy mineral deposits containing titanium, zircon, and rare earth elements as well as heavy mineral concentrates (HMC) extracted from surficial sediments in alluvial, fluvial, glacial and wind environments. Early-stage exploration and processing of heavy minerals utilises techniques such as gravity and magnetic separation […]

RAMAN Spectroscopy: Rapid identification of lithium bearing minerals

Bruker BRAVO Raman spectral instrument

Field identification of mineral phases within LCT pegmatite systems has been made simple with the handheld Bruker BRAVO Raman with duo laser excitation (Figure 1). Figure 1. Bruker’s handheld BRAVO Raman What is Raman spectroscopy? Raman is a form of vibrational spectroscopy that generates a spectrum by directing a monochromatic light from a laser onto a sample […]

Detecting Low Level Gold by BRUKER pXRF

Portable PPB detector process to detect gold with pXRF

Historically, detecting low levels of gold in the field with pXRF has been a challenging process with no truly accessible methodologies available. Portable ppb Pty Ltd’s DetectORE™ technology brings compatibility for the detection of low-level gold by pXRF analysis. DetectORE™  is a patented technology to detect gold at low level concertation’s (<20 ppb) using a portable XRF such as […]

Rare Earth Elements: The most critical and strategic elements on the planet

Rare Earth Elements calibration screen S1 TITAN

Introduction The dominance of China in the rare earths industry has forced the USA, Russia, European Union, Japan, Australia, and other countries to formulate policies and implement strategies to ensure the security and sustainability of rare earth elements (REE) to reduce dependency on Chinese supplies. Notably, in 2020 the European Union’s report on critical raw […]

Application of Spectral Instruments in Exploration, Discovery and Development of Mineral Deposits: A case history

The application of portable Raman spectroscopy (pRaman), portable XRF (pXRF), and micro-XRF (µXRF) proved invaluable during the exploration, delineation and development of the Sinclair Caesium Mine, Western Australia. This article provides an insight into the application of combined spectral technologies in the exploration for, and development of mineral deposits. An algorithm to estimate the lithium […]

Customising your Geochemistry

graph showing portable XRF geochemistry

As we all know, no two deposits geochemistry are exactly alike. Each one comes with its own unique characteristics and challenges. Defining the geochemistry of a deposit is a critical step that often requires a significant amount of time and expense. In the past decade, the use of portable XRF (pXRF) instruments to provide rapid […]

We all love a cheeky bit of chocolate

three chocolates

We all love a cheeky bit of chocolate. No wonder, the botanical name for the cocoa tree is Theobroma cacao, which translates to “food of the gods.” As simple as it is to enjoy, it is one of most complex chemical mixtures known (over 1500 flavour components identified!).[1] Per capita for consumption, European’s take out […]

Single use paper cups: Recyclable vs non-recyclable plastic

Single use paper cups are a common part of our day to day lives, with an estimated 1 billion being used in Australia every year[1]. They may look recyclable, as they are made of paper, but many are lined with plastic to keep the cup from going soggy (Fig. 1). The plastic lining prevents them […]

How to get the most from your data with the help of Certified Reference Material

How to get the most from your data with the help of Certified Reference Material Certified Reference Materials (CRM’s) are of great assistance with portable XRF data Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC). CRM’s provide a check for elemental concentrations, in addition to checking for low level contamination of the XRF instrument. A question Portable […]

Detecting the Undetectable: Lithium Calibration by Portable XRF

An important part of using a portable XRF (pXRF) is the correct licencing of the instrument in the state where it is being used. This ensures that the instruments are being used safely and responsibly and can vary from state to state within Australia.

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