Exploring Rare Earth Elements

Demand for Rare Earth Elements (REE) continues to increase as the globe migrates to renewable energy. Exploration for REE have significantly increased over the last 18 months to meet this increasing demand. In order to match this demand for REE exploration, Portable Spectral Services (PSS) has developed a REE Index for use on portable-XRF instruments, providing […]

Customise your Portable XRF Analysis

A custom calibration looks holistically at the material of each sample and how the elements interact with each other. Custom calibrations are created using proprietary software that calculates results by incorporating spectral overlaps, escape peaks and sample matrix effects to provide robust sample interpretation. Further, custom calibrations enable additional elements to be included with enhanced […]

About Automated Mineralogy

Automated mineralogy is a field that has seen significant growth and development in recent years. At its core, automated mineralogy involves the use of specialized instruments and software to analyse and identify minerals within a sample, often with a focus on ore deposits and other minerals of economic interest. One key tool in the field […]

All I want for Christmas is… Coins?

One of the most beloved Christmas desserts has long been the Christmas pudding. A dense, brandy and fruit-laden cake, whose origins date back to 14th century England. In the earliest versions of the pudding, a dried pea would be baked into the cake, a treasure that would supposedly bring good luck to whoever found it […]

Understanding the chemistry of coins and its implication for conservation

This presentation has been adapted for online reading and learning. It was originally presented at the Histories of Metallurgy and Metal Material Culture symposium at ANU in November 2022. All items are copyright of Portable Spectral Services. View the Presentation This is the on screen progress of the elemental map forming while scanning Roman Era […]

GERDA in Action

Geochemical Research and Documentation Assistant – is an automated table sampler for portable and handheld analytical instruments such as pXRF. Portable Spectral Services has now acquired a GERDA, watch the video below to see it in action!   Automated scanning of pulped samples River sediments Drill core AND MORE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ofz4F_ZRLo Recent Posts

Get Energized | Lithium-Ion Batteries and XRF


In the field, lithium-ion batteries are what fuel an XRF. If a team is travelling to a location that is far from available electrical sockets, the days output becomes dependent on the charge of the XRF battery. A low battery can result in a day of low productivity. Here are five tips on how to […]

What Makes Uranium Glass? | Micro-XRF

Uranium glass glowing under UV light

To delve into a deeper understanding of uranium glass, such as its elemental makeup, micro-XRF is the perfect technique for measurement. Providing visualisation at a high-spatial resolution up to 4µm, combined with its output data, the micro-XRF conducts in-depth non-destructive elemental analysis.   Background As antiques go, uranium glass is one of the most unique […]

A Guide to Portable XRF Calibrations

The portable XRF has many calibration options, which are designed to analyse a wide variety of materials. With so many on offer it is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to choose the best calibration option for your application. This is why Portable Spectral Services are going back to calibration basics and looking into what […]

Micro-XRF – An analysis of Microelectronics

Currently there is a global shortage of semiconductors due to the COVID-19 pandemic crippling the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Chip shortages are expected to run well into 2023, meaning some industries will be opting for repair options over delayed replacement of printed circuit boards (PCBs). PCBs pose two major hurdles when it comes to repair. Firstly, […]

Enhancing Geochemical Visualization in Exploration: Part 2

micro XRF elemental scan of gold. Includes Al, Si, K, Au, Hg.

Part 1 One of the fastest ways for humans to store information in their long-term memory is to pair concepts with meaningful images. Visual learning has been found to have cognitive effects that stimulate imagination, therefore, enabling users to process the information faster. Neuroscientists from MIT (1) have found that the human brain can process […]

Enhancing Geochemical Visualization in Exploration: Part 1

Four micro XRF elemental scans

Geochemical visualization of identified chemical trends is challenging during exploration when data is limited. While geochemical assay datasets are highly valuable, the use of visual tools can often simplify the ability to identify and track chemical and mineralogical trends and display the key characteristics of an exploration target to a wider audience. To quote American […]

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