Have 2020 spectral vision with a new portable XRF!

Trade in your old PORTABLE XRF and SAVE!

Trade in your aged portable XRF before the end of February and save up to 20%* on a brand new Bruker Titan S1, Tracer 5 Series, or CTX!

Bruker Titan handheld spectral device
Bruker TRACER 5g portable XRF
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This offer is running until 5pm 29 February 2020 AWST. 

Discover the Benefits of BRUKER

  • Ability to create custom Matrix Match calibrations
  • Factory calibrations fit for a wide variety of applications
  • Ability to reprocess data 
  • Silicon drift detector (SDD) with Sharpbeam technology
  • Detect Na ~300ppm, Mg ~100ppm with Tracer 5 Series instruments
  • Ease of use interface and supporting software 
  • Quality after sales support and technical advice
  • 2 year factory warranty 

Trade in your old, well loved Olympus, Niton or Bruker and

save up to 20%* on Bruker's S1 Titan, Tracer 5 Series or CTX.

Products on Offer

  • Lightest (1.5kg) tube-based handheld XRF analyser
  • TITAN Detector Shield guaranteed for life of S1 TITAN
  • Tough design, sealed against humid and dusty environments
  • Available in four configurations
  •  All models use Bruker’s SharpBeamTM technology for precision and accuracy 
  •  Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
  • Choose the standard 5mm spot size, or configure to optional 8mm or 3mm spot
  • Ideal for Methods Development, Research and Complex Materials
  • Tracer 5i only instrument to detect sodium in the field (Detects Na to U, Analyses Mg to U)
  • Complete user control of the excitation conditions 
  • Artax™ advanced spectral analysis PC software
  • Air, helium, or vacuum capable
  • Automated filter wheel and/or manual filter slot
  • EasyAccess™ wheel for on-the-go accessories
  • Field capable laboratory-like elemental analysis
  • Tracer’s can analyse multiple sample types 
  • High performance EDXRF
  • Small footprint of 14cm in width, and 27cm high
  • Lightweight weighing less than 7 kilos
  • Sleek, self contained, portable design
  • Stainless steel body protects it from all environmental conditions
  • Fits into Pelican case and optional backpack
  • Designed for projects that require sample preparatino and/ sample presentation in cup or bag
  • 4W X-ray source featuring Bruker’s patented SharpBeam™ optimized X-ray geometry

Fit for any purpose! Find YOUR calibration *

Calibrations on offer:

  • Alloys
  • GeoExploration 
  • Glass (Tracer only) 
  • Lead in paint 
  • ….. even your very own custom calibration!
  • Li IDX
  • Limestone
  • Positive Metal Identification 
  • Restricted Materials (RoHS)
  • Precious metals
  • and more!

*Calibrations depend on model of Bruker product chosen

*Terms and Conditions of Offer:
  1. This limited time offer is for orders received by 5pm 29 February 2020 AWST..
  2. The offer applies to Australia and New Zealand only.
  3. The offer is instead of any other offer or agreement in place, and no further discount can be applied.
  4. The discount offer applies to any Olympus, Niton or Bruker models and their desktop stands only.
  5. This offer does not apply to any other accessories. 
  6. Trade in subject to assessment and condition of traded Olympus, Niton or Bruker XRF instrument/s.
  7. The discount offer may be declined or reduced for unsuitable XRFs (e.g. disrepair, extreme age, or limited functionality) at Portable Spectral Services sole discretion. 
  8. Trade-in XRFs must be surrendered to Portable Spectral Services prior to receipt of new instrument for the discount to apply. 

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