The S1 TITAN models are optimised for precious metal alloys, this calibration includes alloy grade ID and karat display.

It measures pure precious metals and numerous alloying elements in industrially relevant precious metals (Pt, Re, Ir, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag etc). Dental alloys (Pt, Au, Pd, Ag, Eh, Co, Ti, Cr, Mo, Zr, In, Sn, Sb etc), genuine jewellery (Pt, Au, Pd, Ir, Ag, Ni, Zn, Cu etc), and adulterated jewellery (W, Pb, Cr, Fe, Zr etc). The S1 TITAN can also be used for screening of toxic or regulated elements like Cd, Pb, Hg or Ni.

The precious metals application is designed to enable compensation for small samples, irregular shapes, and curved surfaces – even when they are smaller than the beam diameter.

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