Bruker CounterTop XRF

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Bruker CTX CounterTop XRF

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Bruker CounterTop XRF (CTX)

The Bruker CounterTop XRF (CTX) is an ideal design for extended measurements making it a great fit for those wanting to screen large volumes of soil samples, drill pulps and grade control samples quickly and efficiently. This can be a huge cost saving as it offers instant results, cutting out the standard waiting time for laboratory testing. The portability of the unit at less than 7 kilograms, being battery operated and with a small footprint of 14 centimetres means that analysis can happen anywhere you require. 

The dual safety interlocking system makes this portable XRF the most suitable for those with strict open beam portable XRF regulations. The safety system makes is it ideal for users wanting to analyse for longer periods day in day out. As the lid must be closed for analysis, samples are ideally prepared in a cup or bag.

The Bruker CTX offers a large array of calibrations. These calibrations are designed to enhance results for the targeted material and elements, for example MARPOL. If you have a more niche or challenging application, Portable Spectral Services offer custom calibrations.


Product Specifications

Calibration Range

32-37 Elements

Mg – U

Weight 7.1kg with battery
Dimensions W13.5 x D25 x H35cm
Detector Large area CUBE SDD, Standard SDD and Si-PIN
Collimator Options 5mm Standard; 8mm or 3mm Optional
X-ray Tube Rh target; max voltage 50 kV
Filter Changer 5 Position motorised filter changer or Optimised fixed filter

What does XRF analyse?

The portable X-ray Fluorescence (pXRF) technique generates indicative element concentrations, through the use of a generic calibration setup. By using the pXRF with the accompaniment of a thorough QAQC procedure, you will be able to acquire a comprehensive element and concentration range that is ideal for:

  • Investigating the composition of most materials (e.g., soil samples, drill pulps and grade control samples)
  • Screen large volumes of samples, quickly and efficiently
  • Receive reliable instant results onsite (e.g., for a wide range of trace and ore grade elements)
  • Analyse with minimal sample preparation

If you are unsure about which instrument and calibration best suits your application, our technical staff are more than happy to provide specialised knowledge to make sure you are provided with a unit that best fits your application.

Requirements of hiring an XRF

As a portable XRF instrument emits radiation all intended users of the portable XRF must have a user licence prior to hiring with PSS. 

PSS are accredited in training and issuing user licences. These are obtained by completing the radiation safety training in the use of portable XRFs. An alternative training option for obtaining the licence for most states and territories is our on demand option. A version of the course is also offered for those hiring from New Zealand to obtain a user licence to meet NZ user licence requirements. 

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 59 × 40 × 25 cm

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