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Individual certified reference material (CRM) are an essential addition to a portable XRF kit. Forming a part of a QAQC procedure CRMs can be the difference between good and great results. 

Why use this?

A CRM is designed to verify the readings of a portable XRF as part of a typical quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) sampling procedure. Materials within a CRM vary, but they all function in the same way within a QAQC procedure. 

Who needs this?

We highly recommended to anyone that owns their portable XRF to have a CRM that matches the material they are regularly analysing in their kit. This will form part of a reliable QAQC procedure.

Please note: All of PSS hire portable XRF instruments come with a range of CRMs in the hire kit. 

Not sure where to start with QAQC on the portable XRF? No worries! Our expert staff are here to help. With PSS consulting services we can customise and collaborate in creating a reliable QAQC procedure for your next big sampling project. 

What is available?

The following are a highlight list of single Certified Reference Material (CRM) available. These are the most popular as they suit various applications mining applications: 

  • CRM-01 – General 45f Standard
  • CRM-02 – Porphyry Copper Cu Standard
  • CRM-03 – Sediment Hosted Copper Cu Standard
  • CRM-04 – Magmatic Nickel Ni Standard
  • CRM-05 – Lateritic Nickel Ni Standard
  • CRM-06 – Rare Earth Element Standard
  • CRM-07 – Gold Au Standard
Not in mining? No worries! If you would like an alternative CRM to that listed above please contact us as we have many more available to choose from. 
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Additional information

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CRM Type

CRM-01 – General 45f Standard, CRM-02 – Porphyry Copper Cu Standard, CRM-03 – Sediment Hosted Copper Cu Standard, CRM-04 – Magmatic Nickel Ni Standard, CRM-05 – Lateritic Nickel Ni Standard, CRM-06 – Rare Earth Element Standard, CRM-07 – Gold Au Standard

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