Portable XRF Services have a variety of CRMs on site that cover a wide variety of matrices, elements and element concentrations. We also have a range of certified reference material packs that are specifically aimed at a variety of environmental and mining settings.

Certified Reference Material (CRM), is an essential part of the daily use of portable XRF instruments. They enable us to evaluate the functionality and accuracy of our instrument readings, ensure quality control of data and create custom calibrations.


Measuring the elemental concentration of a sample with a pXRF is subject to matrix effects due to the interaction of x-rays with elements within the sample. For this reason, when selecting CRMs to use you should choose an appropriate matrix that is similar to your samples with corresponding concentrations of key elements.


To monitor the performance of the XRF instrument, a CRM should be used as a reference check every 20 to 30 unknown samples. This will allow you to monitor low level contamination.

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