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RAMAN Identification of Spodumene

The scope of what we can achieve in today’s age is largely thanks to the power of technology. In the resource industry, the value comes from the increase in the accuracy, accessibility, diversity and speed of information that is now accessible to anyone, not only in the labs but in the field as well.
An exciting example of this was our application of portable Raman spectroscopy for the mineralogical identification of spodumene. Last month, Pioneer Resources released an ASX announcement with regards to their discovery of spodumene at their ‘Dome North’ prospect. Samples identified as spodumene by their geologists were then verified by the Raman spectrometer, providing immediate validation of the discovery.
For more information regarding the application of Raman spectroscopy in the resource industry please click on the link below:

The Application of RAMAN Spectroscopy


To read more about Pioneer Resources recent spodumene discovery, please click on the link below:

Spodumene Discovery by Pioneer

RAMAN Identification of Spodumene

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