Signal To Noise in XRF Technology

Findings of an ongoing regional evaluation study over concealed Proterozoic lithologies known to host magmatic nickel sulphides with potential to host other base-metal, gold and rare earth elements (“REE”) systems within the Fraser Range, Western Australia.

Understanding the chemistry of coins and its implication for conservation

This presentation has been adapted for online reading and learning. It was originally presented at the Histories of Metallurgy and Metal Material Culture symposium at ANU in November 2022. All items are copyright of Portable Spectral Services. View the Presentation This is the on screen progress of the elemental map forming while scanning Roman Era […]

GERDA in Action

Geochemical Research and Documentation Assistant – is an automated table sampler for portable and handheld analytical instruments such as pXRF. Portable Spectral Services has now acquired a GERDA, watch the video below to see it in action!   Automated scanning of pulped samples River sediments Drill core AND MORE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ofz4F_ZRLo Recent Articles

Get Energized | Lithium-Ion Batteries and XRF

A person putting a battery into a portable XRF

In the field, lithium-ion batteries are what fuel an XRF. If a team is travelling to a location that is far from available electrical sockets, the days output becomes dependent on the charge of the XRF battery. A low battery can result in a day of low productivity. Here are five tips on how to […]

A Guide to Portable XRF Calibrations

The portable XRF has many calibration options, which are designed to analyse a wide variety of materials. With so many on offer it is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to choose the best calibration option for your application. This is why Portable Spectral Services are going back to calibration basics and looking into what […]

Detecting Low Level Gold by BRUKER pXRF

Portable PPB detector process to detect gold with pXRF

Historically, detecting low levels of gold in the field with pXRF has been a challenging process with no truly accessible methodologies available. Portable ppb Pty Ltd’s DetectORE™ technology brings compatibility for the detection of low-level gold by pXRF analysis. DetectORE™  is a patented technology to detect gold at low level concertation’s (<20 ppb) using a portable XRF such as […]

The New and Improved S1 TITAN Models

Bruker S1 TITAN with computer

At the beginning of 2021, Bruker released an exciting announcement that the Bruker S1 TITAN portable XRF models were receiving an upgrade. Following in the steps of the TRACER 5g, these improved S1 TITAN models will be receiving the new and improved graphene window. Most notably, this graphene window will replace the use of an 8 µm beryllium window […]

Rare Earth Elements: The most critical and strategic elements on the planet

Rare Earth Elements calibration screen S1 TITAN

Introduction The dominance of China in the rare earths industry has forced the USA, Russia, European Union, Japan, Australia, and other countries to formulate policies and implement strategies to ensure the security and sustainability of rare earth elements (REE) to reduce dependency on Chinese supplies. Notably, in 2020 the European Union’s report on critical raw […]

Application of Spectral Instruments in Exploration, Discovery and Development of Mineral Deposits: A case history

The application of portable Raman spectroscopy (pRaman), portable XRF (pXRF), and micro-XRF (µXRF) proved invaluable during the exploration, delineation and development of the Sinclair Caesium Mine, Western Australia. This article provides an insight into the application of combined spectral technologies in the exploration for, and development of mineral deposits. An algorithm to estimate the lithium […]

Customising your Geochemistry

graph showing portable XRF geochemistry

As we all know, no two deposits geochemistry are exactly alike. Each one comes with its own unique characteristics and challenges. Defining the geochemistry of a deposit is a critical step that often requires a significant amount of time and expense. In the past decade, the use of portable XRF (pXRF) instruments to provide rapid […]

The use of XRF for light element geochemical analysis

Portable Spectral Services and the University of Western Australia publish findings of collaborative study on light element analysis using portable XRF Cameron Adams (University of Western Australia and Portable Spectral Services) and Christabel Brand (Portable Spectral Services) recently published their findings from a comprehensive study involving the use of portable XRF for light element (e.g. Na, […]

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