Ultra Violet (UV) Lamp

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UV lamp (35W shortwave) in portable case with rechargeable batteries. 

As UV light exposure can be harmful to users, PSS strongly encourages users to adhere to safety guidelines and wear their own personal protective equipment such as gloves, long sleeved clothing and sunscreen when using the UV light. 

Why use this?

The UV lamp is another tool to enhance in-field exploration used to detect florescent minerals in samples.  It is a portable device that can easily be carried to areas of interest.

It can also be used in the cultural heritage and conservation industries on materials such as ceramics to detect the presence of previous repairs, glass, some binders, varnishes, coatings and adhesives as well as pigments and dyes. The Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM) has a great summary of UV long wave and short wave detecting abilities.  

Who needs this?

The UV lamp is a great tool when exploring for lithium. In the field it is great for revealing fluorescing minerals such as those in the pegmatite family. This is also useful to use alongside the raman spectrometer for the rapid identification of lithium bearing minerals. 

What is included?

The hire of the lamp comes with the following:

  • 35W Shortwave UV lamp (L: 25.5cm x H: 8cm X W: 9cm)
  • Battery charger
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety guidance sheets
  • Hire documents

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 16 cm