Micro X-Ray Fluorescence

Bruker M4 Tornado

Micro X-ray Fluorescence spectroscopy is a rapid and non-destructive technique used to acquire quantitative chemical data at high spatial resolution (i.e. µm-scale). Whether small or large, smooth or uneven, the instrument is equipped with a large high-speed stage that supports 2D analysis of virtually any kind of inorganic, organic and liquid samples.

Minimal to no sample preparation is required to produce a variety of 2D element and mineral maps. The large vacuum chamber enables element detection from U to Na. Customisable spot sizes down to 25 µm means that small-scale textural and compositional features can be identified, including those that may not be visibly discernible. Heterogeneous samples are no longer a problem for qualitative and quantitative XRF analysis, with the element maps providing the ability to observe the spatial variation and concentration of major, minor and trace elements across large and small samples.

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